Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about teeth whitening in Silver Spring, Maryland, then we can answer them. Please visit the Nova Teeth Whitening office or give us a call at 240-210-9955 today. You can also check out these frequently asked questions below:

Is Our Teeth Whitening Safe?+

Yes, it is! We use a whitening gel made from FDA-approved natural ingredients, like plants and minerals, in order to give you a safe and effective whitening treatment. These products don’t damage your teeth and can even help build up your enamel.

Should I Consider Getting My Teeth Whitened?+

Definitely! People with a white smile have been found to look younger, and there is a correlation between high self-esteem and a bright, beautiful smile!

How White Will My Teeth Get And How Long Will It Last?+

Results change from person to person, and they are often affected by your lifestyle and diet. On average, whitening can lighten your teeth 5-14 shades per session. A single session usually lasts 1 hour. You will leave our office with your teeth the whitest shade they can naturally go. Everyone has their own natural stopping point. Your results can last a lifetime with the right maintenance and a regular touchup, which we offer at a discounted price.

Does It Hurt Because I Have Sensitive Teeth?+

Most of our clients feel little or no sensitivity during or after the session because we use safe and natural products. There is still a chance that some patients may experience some sensitivity on their teeth or soft tissue. In order to reduce the chance of experiencing this side effect, we recommend patients avoid eating very hot or very cold foods for two hours after the session. In order to make this easier. Eat before your session to make it easier to go without eating after. Any sensitivity is normally gone within 24 hours.

Is Our Teeth Whitening Safe On Dental Work?+

Yes, completely safe. It only whitens your teeth back to its original color and will not whiten it beyond that.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe If I Am Pregnant?+

Yes, it is safe. But consult with your physician first.